Working Poor: Food Insecurity Essay

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Intervention There are several programs in the Muncie area that assist those who are dealing with food insecurity. Some of these programs are: Indiana school breakfast and lunch program, Second Harvest Food bank and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program. These three programs help those who suffer from food insecurity but do so in different ways. The Indiana School Breakfast and Lunch Program is a program open to those children who live in a low income household. “National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a Federal entitlement program open to public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions. Lunch is available to all children at participating schools, and the meals must meet specific nutritional requirements…show more content…
All of the programs by Second Harvest are at places that are accessible for those in low income households.(Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana, 2013). The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program gives those who have a low income assistance when buying food. Indiana has two offices. It’s possible for those who desire to apply for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance to apply in different ways. One way to apply would be to get in contact with the local office. The local office in Muncie is located at 1107 South Tillotson, Suite 2 Muncie, IN 47304. The office is open Monday through Friday; it opens at 8:00am and closes at 4:30 pm. The office can also be reached by phone, at (800) 403-0864 (Family and Social Services Administration, 2013). SNAP is a program that makes it possible for those who would not be able to buy food or buy the right food to have access to a better selection of food when they do not make the amount that would make that possible. After researching for possible interventions for food insecurity there were several that were found. A couple of these interventions were: Federal Nutrition Programs and community food banks. Federal interventions such as the Federal Nutrition Program have been successful in assisting those low income families who fall in the category of food insecure. According to the reports from the program in 2012 around 908,705 people that came from 401,415 were involved in the SNAP
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