Working Principle Of Washing Machine

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1.6 Working principle of washing machine:
Either impeller washing machine or drum washing machine, its basic principle is to wash the clothes through rotation of impeller or drum. The only thing different is the way of realization. Firstly we see the drum washing machine principle; as it is designed according the principle of using clubs to beat the clothes to make the clothes clean. The drum rotates lift the clothes to the top and then fall to the bottom. During this process, the clothes are washed. Advantages of this method is light wear and even cleanness. Next comes the structure of washing machine; it is composed of washing barrel, motor, timer, driving parts, case upper cover, control panel and etc.
Second we see the working principle of impeller washing machine; the impeller fitted on bottom of the wash barrel rotates clockwise and counter clockwise by driven motor under all making the washing rotate around with gentle friction between clothing as well as between clothing and barrel wall in water to wash the clothes under effect of detergent. Generally clothes move horizontally with slightly move vertical movement. Beyond, the procedure of current washing machine are all fixed. The washer execute only the present program no matter the actual condition of clothe washing.

1.7 Development trend of washing machine technology:
Along with rapid development of global industry and excessive use of resources, we are increasing the running short of water and electricity, and…
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