Working Time and Agreement Essay

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This agreement is entered into on March 17, 2012 by the Quality Furniture Manufacturing Company (QFM), located in St. Louis, Missouri, and Industrial Workers United (IWU). This agreement covers employees at the St. Louis plant only.
Article I—Recognition
The company recognizes the IWU as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining agent in all matters pertaining to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, and other conditions of employment for all production and maintenance employees, excluding professional employees, storeroom employees, office clerical employees, guards, and supervisors, as defined in the Labor
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Step 3: If a satisfactory conclusion is not reached, the grievance can be referred to the plant manager by the Union. The plant manager shall schedule a meeting to discuss the grievance with the Union within seven (7) business days. The local Union can bring in a representative of the International Union at this step, and the plant manager can bring in anyone who he or she feels may aid in the resolution of the grievance.
Step 4: If a grievance is appealed to arbitration, the Company and the Union shall attempt to select an arbitrator. If this attempt fails, the Company and/or Union shall ask the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to submit a list of seven (7) arbitrators. Each party shall eliminate three (3) names from the list by alternately striking one name at a time, and the person whose name remains shall serve as the arbitrator. The arbitrator shall render a decision in writing that shall be final and binding upon the parties. The arbitrator to whom any grievance is submitted shall have the authority to interpret and apply the provisions of this agreement, and the arbitrator’s decision must be in accordance with and based upon the terms of this agreement or any written amendment thereto. The arbitrator shall have no jurisdiction or authority to add to, subtract from, or modify any of the terms of this agreement. The Company and local
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