Working Visa For A Job Interview

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They were one of the few people from work who were invited to my wedding because there was not enough places to invite everyone. We were still keeping in touch calling each other at least once a week and they could not wait for me to come back. The workplace had become sad without me. Daniel had an attorney look into a working visa for me and he told us that I could possibly work in New Orleans. It was nice to have good news. I was not yet on cloud nine, but I was surely on the fourth one. I still needed to go through the regular process of applying and having the job interview. I was applying at the right time because there was a need for nurses in the operating room at Ochsner Kenner. The attorney put me in contact with the director of surgical services and I had my interview over the phone. It was the first time that I was not a nervous reck during an interview. Not having someone stare at me while drilling me with questions was much easier. I did not feel the pressure of giving out the right body language while making sure my answers were appropriate .We had a long discussion and I was pleased to hear that the nurses there were not overworked like in Montreal. The job description was similar to what I was already doing. That was good news. I knew that I would be payed in my field and this took some of the stress off. I was getting use to the idea of working somewhere warm, a place where I would not have to scrape the ice off my car in the morning when it is -40 degrees
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