Working With A Group Project

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When I first find out that there’s a group project, I wanted to work with people that I know are responsible, capable of doing the assignments, respectful, and don’t procrastinate. I did not want to work with negative people at all I’ve learned from past group presentation experience, so I quickly ask Carolyn, Britney and Adina if they want to work together, they agreed and that’s how we formed our group but, we still needed to add one additional person for our group. The second time we meet up in class the other group members had already ask two of our classmates to join our group so Alexia and Wendy came along. I was excited about everyone that’s in our group because, I know that they’re all are capable of getting the assignments and project done on time and they are very respectful. We were assigned by the professor to come up with a group contract, I have never done any group contract before so I was happy with the assignment. We all decide that in order for us to have a positive group experience we would have to follow the contract we’ll of course follow the contract and we came up with things that we all agreed on. We add on the contract that “everyone will keep their feelings in check and keep group members informed of how things are going. No one is expected to give full disclosure of their situation but a general advising that something is going on is expected. Respect each other and don 't be afraid to ask for help. On the second meeting we also came up with a
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