Working With A Large Academic Healthcare Facility

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Working in a large academic healthcare facility, such as University of Arizona Health Network (UAHN), one of the top priorities is the safety of the patient. As a nurse in the operating room (OR) the top priority is being the patients’ advocate which includes monitoring the traffic in and out of the room throughout the surgical procedure. In the operating room the need for supplies at the ready is imperative. Every operating room within the facility are restocked on the off shift which in theory readies the room for the next days scheduled procedures, but as in any organization there are times when an unexpected emergency occurs. When these emergencies occur time is of the essence and in the case of an OR the closest available room to…show more content…
SSI’s not only set back our patients, but they also create financial and economic burdens for our facility. Additionally, there are considerable inefficiencies throughout UAHN’s surgical services departments, especially in its handling of inventory and supply chain management. The management of inventory which includes the daily returned inventory from surgical cases creates an excess in labor, indicating our system is non-optimized and costs UAHN approximately $4 million annually. It is for these reasons I believe there is great need for change at the University of Arizona Health Network (UAHN) moreover these changes can be accomplished on multiple level. We can establish a more efficient workflow at the clinical level as well as at the supply chain management level, doing so will increase the effectiveness and the financial health of the UAHN organization.
The change model

The role of the leadership
In today’s business world, one of the most important contributing factors to the overall success of an organization is the effectiveness of their leadership. Effective leaders carry with them a strong skill set along with a broad knowledge base gained from experience that allows them to effectively and efficiently manage change initiatives. An organization that possessing an effective leadership team is more likely to experience success, especially it comes to creating effective change. The leaders’ role is crucial during a change
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