Working With A Years Old Male Who Comes From A Lower Socioeconomic Background

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I am currently working with a 30-year-old male who comes from a lower socioeconomic background. He has a history of incarceration, abuse, and addiction to drugs. He is currently sober, and has been for a few years. He is currently married, has three children, and is currently unemployed. He is living with his wife, children, and two siblings. They live in a 3-bedroom apartment, with his brother and sister. His wife is the only source of income for his family, and he does odd jobs to help pay for things around the house. He is seeking help because he is aware that he is unable to control his anger at times, and needs help with how to deal with it. He also says that he has depression, anxiety, and PTSD from the time that he was incarcerated. He has received services through the clinic before, but has a history of inconsistent attendance. He will come to the clinic for a few weeks and stops coming. With the last therapist, he showed up for two sessions. He is not enrolled in any other programs, but receives government assistance to pay for food, and for health insurance. Initially, I was taken back because he looked so young. My initial reaction when I was first met him was curiosity: what brings him to therapy? In our first session, he shared that is having issues assimilating back to life outside of prison, and was having flashbacks of traumatic moments from when he was incarcerated. After the session, I realized my immediate assumption was wrong. Yes, he is young per his age…
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