Working With Children And Young People

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When working with children and young people it is important to know the aims and responsibilities for your setting.
The government frame work, Every Child Matters (ECM) places great importance on partnership working. The five outcomes for ECM are
• Be healthy
• Stay safe
• Enjoy and achieve
• Make a positive contribution
• Achieve economic well-being
It is very important that everyone working together with children and young people finds out about the five outcomes and bases their working practice on them.
When people working with children and young people work together it can be very positive for the children concerned. The adults could be
• Parents
• Carers
• Colleagues
• Professionals
• Multi-disciplinary teams
They need to:
• Communicate
• Exchange information
• Share their knowledge and expertise
• Understand each other’s roles.
This partnership working can be called multi-agency working or integrated working
If your setting work well as a team, you will enjoy your work more and work more effectively – and the children will benefit. Then it can have a positive impact on children’s and young peoples:
• Health
• Development
• Learning
• Relationships
The Early Years Foundation (EYFS) makes it clear that, if different agencies work together, it would improve the outcome for the children in their learning and development. It also shows the importance of creating effective relationships with the people you work with and respecting their expertise. You will also be…
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