Working With Couples And Families

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BC7333 Working with Couples and Families a Systemic Approach Assessment Three Submitted by: Prince Jose Sebastian CASE STUDY Professional couple, Chris: 33 6th generation New Zealander and Diana; 36, immigrated from United Kingdom 5 years ago. Presenting issue: 17 months of ongoing arguing resulting in decreasing confidence for both regards the relationship.Counselling was initiated by Chris after a particularly bad weekend of conflict. This couple are stuck in a vicious, escalating cycle focused around her wish to discuss the future of the relationship e.g marriage and babies. Diana wants reassurance from him that he has the same future view as her. He gives partial reassurance, on condition that there is a future if the arguing stops. Then she feels more insecure and vulnerable so she seeks further reassurance. At this point, he feels frustrated and annoyed and distances from her both physically and emotionally for 3-7 days. She then feels more anxious, insecure and hurt. She experiences doubts the relationship. This cycle of conflict has continued and become more intense over the last 17 months. The physical aspect of their relationship has considerably reduced over this time. Couples wishes: To lessen arguing and discover if this relationship will work? DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES Diana and Chris are in the family life cycle stage – The joining of family through marriage (Carter and MCGoldrick, 1999). Diana and Chris were unsuccessful in developing second-order family
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