Working With Groups Of Domestic Violence Essay

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This journal article will discuss group work in the beginning phase and will discuss working with groups of domestic violence with adults, teenagers and dating violence, and children and domestic violence groups. The case examples will discuss the tasks and skills necessary in the beginning phase such as establishing a contract, cultivating group cohesion, and shaping norms of participation. In addition, the required knowledge will be discussed for the beginning phase which include, understanding the interactions, relevant theories and evidence-based practices, and understanding the group types to name a few examples. Furthermore, this journal entry will discuss what the outcomes of the groups would be and how they may help the individuals in the treatment groups which include adults, teenagers, and children. 3.3 Journal Group Work in the Beginning Phase Example 1: Domestic Violence Group with Adults Demonstrate Critical Tasks and Skills. The critical tasks and skills required for working with a domestic violence group with adults, include establishing a contract, cultivating group cohesion, and shaping norms and participation of the group members and the group as a whole. When establishing a contract for the group it would be necessary for the group and the social worker to identify the tasks that need to be accomplished, the goals that want to be accomplished which include group goals and individual goals for the members, and process for achieving the goals and
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