Working With Random People In Research

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How do we feel about teachers putting us into groups for a project? Sometimes not everyone works when you put them into a group of people or friends. So we really don’t agree or disagree for this assignment. There are pros and cons about what we are going to talk about. We are going to talk about working with random people, with friends, and by yourself. For each topic except for one,we will give two pros and one con. When teachers put us in groups with random people, people have different opinions, about it. Here is our opinions. When you are with random people you get to see projects from their point of view. When you work with random people they can shout out ideas if you get stuck, or get writer's block. The bad thing about working with random people you don;t know what to expect with them. So that is all we have for random people.…show more content…
When you are in a group of friend you are more likely to goof off instead of working on what you are supposed to. Also, you barely get work done and you would probably get into trouble. So for this one there is no pros. So that is all of our opinions for working with friends. When you work by yourself you don’t have to worry about others helping you do the work. Here goes our opinions. You are able to work better because you don’t get disturbed by a group. You can also get your work done faster. The bad item is that you can’t get ideas from anybody else since it’s your point of view. So that is all of our opinions about working by yourself. Those are our thoughts about working with a group. So we talked about the pros and cons with working with random people. We also talked about what happens when you work with your friends. Lastly, we talked about working by yourself. That is all that we have for this persuasive
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