Working With Teams

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Working with teams
Working in teams is a common approach that many areas such as schools, workplaces are taking in certain tasks, responsibilities or even special projects. While it can be quite challenging to work in teams towards a common goal due to different personality types that people have it is very advantageous for both individuals and the organizations involved (Rasing, 2013).The paper will highlight on some of the positive experiences that exist for working in will at what people learn from working in will further look at how teams are used in workplaces and other areas like education. Finally it will look at the advantages of team work and how teamwork skills might benefit a specific field.
Experiences of working with teams I have worked with teams under very many occasions in school and also in my current workplace. I have had both positive and negative experiences when working with terms of positive experiences I can say that there was a lot of cooperation from other team members and hence any task given to us that required to be executed by the team was effectively executed. Through teamwork there was the creation of better communication from team members and hence positive relations were built (Rasing, 2013).On several occasions especially in school, I was helped by other team members particularly on my weak areas and hence I was able to improve on my weak areas. On the other hand there are also some negative experiences that I

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