Working With The Communications Department A Presentation

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Due to the fact the issue was identified through an audit, it was on all the manager’s radar. However, we as managers tend to get issues on our radar and fail to act. The business started to address this issue by holding a Town Hall meeting with leaders to address the issue. By working with the Communications Department a presentation was created to capture what our competitors were doing in the same arena, we were bleeding out in. By putting this into perspective, leaders were able to see how close those competitors were, to taking the business away from us. Knowing that their jobs and futures are at risk, we were able to gain about a 55-65% stakeholder commitment to drive this initiative forward. Even though the support was more than we…show more content…
• Obtain customer confidence in process and implementation of new tool. • Demonstrate reliability, readiness, and performance of all processes and systems. Each of this was marked by milestones and objectives. Each step is being messaged to the stakeholders. However, as we will cover later we failed to celebrate the milestones in an effort to keep the group that much more engaged and their eye on the end result for the business. The forming of the team was a well thought out plan and to this day has been the key to the success of the vision. Create a Vision The approach we are currently taking, creates a relationship that starts with the mission statement and ends with a strategic action plan directly focusing on the concern. The goal is to show that linkage that brings into fruition a roadmap that outlines a road of success, addressing the concerns of our customers. In a business as intricate as ours, it is critical to have a roadmap that helps all stakeholders understand the direction the business is taking and a solid plan on how we will get there. In order to ensure achievement and success of the goals, we needed to tie the initiative directly to the objectives. With this new initiative, each employee was able to see exactly the importance that each piece plays, in the overall strategy of our business. The Risk Manager objectives should align with the mission and we made

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