Working With The Home Visiting Nurse Essay

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Description: During my second week of placement, when I was working with the home visiting nurse, I was working under supervision of my preceptor, caring for a fifty four year old Samoan gentlemen, Mr.Li (pseudonym). When we went to his place in Mt. Albert, he was sitting on the chair and his wife was there as well. Mr Li had left leg ulcer and he developed this in February 2016. According to Mr. Li, it started off with a blister and lead to left leg cellulitis. Mr. Li has multiple medical problems such as insulin dependent diabetes, hypertension, gout and retinopathy. Mr.Li had been admitted to hospital due to an infected wound on his leg. While in hospital, his blood pressure has been on the high side. Mr Li is on medication for his hypertension and to control his BSL (blood sugar level) he is on insulin and metformin. On our first visit Mr.Li was not showing any insight about his medical condition. He seemed less interested of what’s going on with his leg. On the second day of our visit he was more open and showed concerned about his medical condition. When we asked him about his BSL, he stated “its high today, 16.1”. We checked his blood pressure and was 160/100. We changed his wound dressing. Cleaned wound with normal saline and applied aquacel, gauze and secured with hyperfix. We advised him about diabetic diet, as we show packets of junk food, also to take his medications on time. Mr.Li asked us what he can do about his blood pressure. We asked him, if has any
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