Working With Two Boys Who Have Learning Difficulties And Behavioral Problems

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K & R 08-10-2016

I am currently working with two boys who have learning difficulties and behavioural problems. They are brothers, K in KS1 is 6 and R in KS2 is 8 years of age.
The boys do not only have problems at school, their home-life is difficult too and relations between the school and the parent are fraught.
There are currently a team of people involved with both these children and they have been observed several times by an officer of the LA in order to work towards a statement so they can have all the specialist support they need.
At the moment I support the youngest, K, in the dinner hall: queuing, choosing his lunch, eating his lunch and disposing of dirty dishes afterwards, and I support the eldest, R, his entire lunch break (both 3 times a week)

I take over the care for K from his classroom support worker Mrs S when K queues up for his dinner. I will say hello to K and ask if he has had a good day so far. K is often cross and upset, his mood swings from happy to angry in a second and he likes to rock and shake his hands. Sometimes he accidentally rocks into other children. He also reaches out to other children, maybe to hug them, but his coordination is not good and he might push other children over. Often K looks really cross at me and then all of a sudden he will smile. He does this to other children too, some smaller children are scared, or unsure about him, as he is so difficult to read and gets angry so quickly about seemingly nothing. Mrs S informs
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