Working With Young People Who Struggle With Mental Illness

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Social workers are core professionals in the mental health field. The social worker’s role is to support people in developing holistically, working with them to facilitate their personal, social and educational development, to enable them to develop their voice, influence and place in society and to reach their full potential(Banks S. , 2010) pg.10). This is particullary true when working with young people.

This case study will explore the principles and values of social work practice while examining the process of social work assessment. This resource is a fictional case study of Sally. This study will highlight the challenges and strategies for working with people who struggle with mental illness. For the purpose of this assessment, my
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Sally is attending Erinsborough High School along with her siblings. Sally’s sisters have given some of this information to the welfare team, when they were visiting the student welfare worker to discuss issues around their social anxiety. Sally’s teachers have also sent in reports about Sally being truant regularly. She has not yet spent a week at school this entire year leaving class early and social situation when she feels overwhelmed or anxious. Sally works part time at her parent’s farm, and is often isolated from the community due to her family’s farm distance from the city. Sally does not have any good friends and very loosely connects to her peers as she finds it challenging to socialize. Sally is very close to her sisters and her mother. She has goals of finishing high-school, attending art school and traveling to France.
2.2 Description of the presenting problem
Sally was sent to the welfare department when she presented to class with large cuts and gashes on her arms. Her peers and teachers reported that she was self harming. This was her first trip to the welfare department of the school, Sally has been described by her teachers as having melon collie disposition. It is now the responsibility of the welfare team to assess for
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