Working Women

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Working Women
Today, the term "family" is difficult to define. All families are unique, and they can range anywhere from single parent families to extended families. Most importantly though, it is in the family where the next generation is being built. Parents must provide security and support for their children, and they need to be prepared for the challenges of balancing work and family in today's society. In traditional families, there was a mother, a father and their resulting children. The father would most often be the earner of the family, and the mother would stay at home and take care of the children. Things have changed considerably in the twenty-first century. Now there are more dual-income families, single-parent families, and
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There are many different reasons for explaining why more and more women are joining the work force. It basically first started during World War II, because there was a great need for workers in factories, stores, etc., and the men were off fighting in the war. Therefore, the women had to join the labor force, and after the war, when they could leave their jobs, many women chose to stay instead of becoming a housewife once again.
In the 1960's, there was a women's liberation movement, and this time period was the most significant change in women's roles. Wives and mothers wanted to be free from the constraints placed on them in the home so many of them decided to go to work. Also, there has been an increase in the number of blended families, common-law relationships, and single-parent families which forces most members of these families to find paid work in order to financially support their family. Most single mothers must go to work to provide for the family because they have no help from the father of their children. Altogether, many different circumstances have led to the increased problems between work and family life.
In the dilemma between men and women's roles in the family and in the work force, we must always consider women and gender when making assumptions about the family and work because they are inseparable issues. Even with the intense changes that have taken place in the family structure and the

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