Working and Leading People Assignment

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Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 2 SCENARIO ANALYSIS 3 Task 1a 3 Task 1b, c 9 Task 1d 14 Task 2a 18 Task 2b 20 Task 2c, d 25 Task 2e 30 CONCLUSION 32 REFERENCES 33 APPENDIX 36 Appendix 1 – Job description for Vice President of Production 36 Appendix 2 – Job description for Vice President of Marketing 37 Appendix 3 – Person specification for Vice President of Production 38 Appendix 4 – Person specification for Vice President of Marketing 39 Appendix 5 – A sample job advert 40 Appendix 6 – A sample job application form 41 Appendix 7 – A sample CV 45 Appendix 8 – An introduction of and a sample electronic cognitive test 48 INTRODUCTION Working with and leading people is one of the major concepts of a person who wants to be a leader. A…show more content…
So, the point is whether it is necessary to have another R&D Department in Da Nang. That is possibly where the company is going to hire employees for that department. It would be risky, necessarily costly as the company still has no idea about the how many local labors are capable enough for such an important department. Besides, the quality of Vietnam’s labor training system has not been really good in recent years. It has resulted in the scarcity of high-quality labors in Vietnam in many recent years. Moreover, since high-quality labors/ talents are scarce, it is easily understandable that they are severely headhunted by big, influential local or long-standing foreign companies. Therefore, there would be negligeable possibility that R&D Department is necessary at this very initial time. It may be useful but in the future and until the labor training system in Vietnam is comprehensive enough to provide a sufficient number of qualified labors to the labor market. According to the article 11 of Law on Foreign Investment in Vietnam, it is said that “Each party to a joint venture enterprise shall appoint members to the board of management in proportion to its capital contribution to the legal capital of the joint venture enterprise. In the case of a two-party joint venture enterprise, each party shall have at least two members on the board of management”. This article implies that the ratio of Japanese to
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