Working from Home: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Working from Home’s Advantages and Disadvantages In recent years, there are a several number of people who are working from home. Throughout the developed technology and devices like computer and internet, people in today’s society feel more confident and flexible in their jobs especially the jobs are worked from home. According to the Census Bureau, there are “13.4 million people who worked from home at least one day per week, up 35 percent since 1997. In total, an estimated 4.3 percent of Americans spend the majority of their work week at home.” (Kyle Kennedy) However, there are many debates around this trend. Some of people think that they can save a lot of time, money, and flexibility since they can work from home without spend hours to commute every day. The others believe that working at offices is more professional and convenient because of less interruption, more amenities and easy cooperation with others. Therefore, learning and understanding about advantages and disadvantages of working from home as a way help people decide whether they should work from home or not. First of all, the most advantage of working from home is financial and avoiding traffic that would be economical. It help people saves time as well as money. According to Tielle Webb, working from home can help people “save money on automotive maintenance and repairs, fuel, and possibly car insurance.” This is very important for people who work from home feel more safety and pleasure. Truly, in the
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