Working from Home Essay

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Working from home: the disadvantage Tina DiNunzio HRP7110 – Human Resources Management Jodi Smith October 23, 2014 Working from home can sound like a dream come true. However, like any job situation there are many disadvantages to home employment that may become apparent over time. For some, this can mean making a few adjustments to make the situation more tolerable. For others, the disadvantages can be so powerful that they can put an end to the home office (Provenzano). As technology, apps and costs bring people to conclude that working from home would be the best situation, it’s very important to consider the disadvantages of working from home, as these are often forgotten. These negative aspects can actually…show more content…
The problem is that by working from home, you tend to take yourself out of the running for promotions and work rewards (Turcotte). You will also find that in many cases, the job that you would be promoted into can’t be done from home so you simply won’t be considered for it. This is a non issue if you are content staying in the same position for the duration of your career. If, however, you plan on getting ahead and moving up in your career field, then working from home could be a problem (Turcotte). Home employment is sometimes not taken seriously by prospective employers, and it can be viewed as a gap in the resume (Provenzano). One of the main reasons people tend to work onsite is because they love doing it with the goal of getting promoted, so they can climb the corporate ladder. If you are a freelancer or if you work from home, you might lose sight of these opportunities (Wall). If you do freelance work, that means you are more of an independent contractor than a regular employee. Sometimes people with home employment are often looked at as if they don’t do real work (Park). A large majority of the people working at home do not really feel like professionals despite the size of the work load or opportunities. The main factor here is that, when you’re at home, you feel at home and you may be less motivated to perform the same as you would in a
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