Working from Home – It’s in the Details (an Article Review)

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Case Study #2 WORKING FROM HOME – IT’S IN THE DETAILS (An article review) 1. Identify and discuss the main problems or concerns mentioned in this case study regarding telecommuting. In your opinion, do most of these problems originate with the company or the employee? • I noticed lots of problems in this article regarding telecommuting. One of these problems is Communication breakdown. Employees under this kind of job begin to feel isolated although it is part of the job, because they are lack of interaction between their managers and colleagues. Even if there were many ways to communicate with them like internet, phones, instant messaging or social medias still much better to communicate with physical appearance. It has a…show more content…
• Since the employees know the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting job during the pre-employment period. I think these problems originate most from the employees. Because since they know the possible things might happened in the future, they must prepared and and be more conscious towards their job. They must consider the fact that they were properly compensated so, they must do their job in accordance with the duties and responsibilities that the company assigned to them. And have faith and trust to the company that they are always part of the possible success of the company. 2. Describe the characteristic of people who adjust more easily to telecommuting. How can companies identify these employees or develop others to be better prepared for telecommuting? • The article doesn’t discuss much about the characteristics of people. However, it explains that telecommuting is not appropriate for new hire employees, beacause as stated it requires face to face mentoring and working in the office for a period of time before going virtual. • The company may develop a better telecommuters by providing them the total Company allignment which coherent and clearly stated, with strategies, policies processes and reward systems all aligned toward achieving common goals — goals that will benefit the copmany and the people. Company should also ensure that effective telecommuters should not rely dependently with their co-telecommuters especially to

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