Working in Disney World Essay

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Working in Disney World

Welcome to the happiest place on earth, otherwise known as hell. Imagine entering a place where the air smells like fresh homemade cookies, the lush green trees are shaped like animated characters, and the sidewalks are always squeaky clean. The employees or “cast members” appear to be clean-cut, happy, wholesome, all-American people. This is the image Walt Disney World provides for its guests. But what goes on behind the scenes at Disney? Until a person has worked for the “big mouse” she won’t be able to understand the torture that can go on for employees. I’ve been in that Disney “cult,” part of the “wonderful world of Disney.”

I started working for Walt Disney World, in the parades
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If you seem like you’re a strong dancer, they’ll take you by yourself and teach you a harder routine; this way they can place you into more of a dancing role in the parade department. You next fill out tons of forms, if you get hired, to enable you to work for Disney. This employment process is followed by a brief video.

In my case, I was hired with my friend Julia Moore, and we were forced to watch this video together, along with one other new hire. The two of us were cracking jokes on how cheesy it was. The video repeated annoying Disney tunes, while an overly energetic person in the foreground explained the Disney “attitude” of being outgoing and happy. Apparently, the other girl in the room told on Julia and me for making fun of the video. We were soon pulled out of the room and into a large meeting room where a happy, bubbly manager named Andrea waited for us. As soon as we entered, her cheerfulness quickly turned into psychotic anger as she said, “If you two are not going to take this job seriously, then you can leave right now and I’ll rip up your employment papers.” We apologized and said that we really did want these jobs. Andrea then switched back, in an almost schizophrenic manner, to her smiling self and said, “Well then, it’s great to have you working for us, enjoy your time with Disney.”

Over the next week, with about twenty other people, I went through three eight-hour sessions of training. This training
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