Working in Groups

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Working in Groups Description of this Guide In this guide we shall consider generally how groups are formed and the different type of groups you may be faced with at university. We spend more time looking at the group project and how to develop an effective team. The other sections look at the different forms of study groups that you may encounter at university. All group work extends your inter-personal skills and this guide will help you identify what these skills are. Learning Outcomes 1. Recognise how groups form and function. 2. Relate your knowledge of groups to team projects and other study groups. 3. Identify the inter-personal skills developed through group work. 4. Evaluate your developing inter-personal skills.…show more content…
[pic] Each of the three areas identified by Adair needs to be addressed if your team is to work effectively and harmoniously. Just imagine these scenarios: Scenario 1 You are working with a great group – they are all your friends. You often meet at the pub as it gives a good informal atmosphere and you can enjoy the work. It is good because no-one in the group nags or bosses anyone else around. You have done some reading around for this project and written a few things down and you hope that it will be useful. You assume everyone else is doing that too, after all, they all turn up and seem engaged. Assume it is now 2 weeks before your final deadline. | |Jot down some ideas | | | | |How might such a team appear during the project presentation if| | |they don’t change? | | | | | | | | |What are the dangers
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