“Working in Teams” Video Analysis

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“Working in Teams” Video Analysis Name University: <Course> <XX/XX/XXXX> “Working in Teams” Video Analysis Effective Team or Not The three characteristics of effective team work The first characteristic of effective teams is that the team members should agree to come up with a goal and make some actions to achieve the goal. This characteristic is evident in forming storming and norming stages of team development. When team member come together, know each other and understand each other’s efforts for team work. They set up a common goal and all agree to pay their efforts on it. This like an agreement that make members willing to be satisfied with the common purpose and willing to take action to get the goal. The…show more content…
For third characteristic, from the video, every member had some parts that they are good at. And they could be signed for different parts of the task by performing their best skills. However, the actions they took on the meeting did not show they will work hard for their parts. So, the “team” in the video is not effective. The stage of Team Development The Tuckman’s five stages of team formation are: forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. (Oke, 2011) The individuals in the video are on the storming stage. This was their first meeting. They got the members coming in their “team” and discussed about the task and the expectation. Everyone had some problems about their performances and pressures. They were discussing to solve and to satisfy each member’s expectation. But they haven’t talked about what standard rules they should follow by. They haven’t reached the norming stage yet. The Specific Role in Team For this meeting’s leader – Joe, he is playing as the task leader because according to the video he was the one set up this meeting and beginning the discussion. During the meeting, he clarified the task information, asked for advice and helped members to sign for their part of the work. Cheng Jing is playing the maintenance role because he encouraged Rosa to take the account management and cost assessment part for her good job. And just Cheng had
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