Working in Wal-Mart Case

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Problem statements A Wal-Mart photo lab associate, Claude is facing a difficulty concerning attending his father’s major birthday dinner.( Brotheridge, C. 2005) Claude comes from a tight family, and he didn’t want to miss the celebration. However, there is a conflict between his working schedule and the dinner plan. Owing to the inflexibility of the auto scheduler program and his manager’s non-negotiable management style, he was sure that his manager wouldn’t give him the time off. Additionally, he didn’t want to call a sick day, not wanting to bend the truth. He also couldn’t feel there was a cold coming. Yet, the main problem is Wal-Mart’s organizational management. Managers do not treat their employees with dignity and respect …show more content…
Managers in Wal-Mart assumed that their employees had an inherent dislike for work and would avoid it whenever possible, and they must be controlled, directed or threatened with punishment to get them to achieve organizational objectives. In addition, managers believed that employees have little or no ambition and didn’t want responsibility. Theory X is the view that traditional management has taken towards the workforce. This approach has not only an economic motive, but also time saving motive. This is one of main factors why there was an auto-scheduler to generate employee’s working schedule.

In Herzberg’s two-factor theory (Sniderman, Bulmash, Nelson & Quick, 2007), when hygiene factors such as company’s policy, working condition, administration, and supervision are poor, employees will be dissatisfied and disengaged. During the associate orientation, Wal-Mart managers delivered Sam Walton’s guiding principles, and they all sounded very motivating. Nonetheless, Claude suffered the inconsistency between the organization’s magnificent slogans and the underwhelming working environment. He was somehow very disappointed and positined in the dilemma of going to his father’s important birthday over work.
Solution criteria For Claude, there are four solutions that he can follow. First, he should go to talk to his

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