Working of Wind Turbines

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There are a large number of literatures available on the study conducted to improve the working of wind turbines. Some of these researches have been implemented practically while others are still in experimental phase. A literature was prepared by Md. Mahfouz Sarwar, Nazia Nawshin, Muhammad Ali Imam and Mohammad Mashudon on “A new approach to improve the performance of an existing small wind turbine by using Diffuser.” They have studied the improved effect of diffuser on the performance of a small wind turbine system. They have analyzed two hollow structures: Nozzle and Diffuser. Also by experimental setup they have proved that the wind speed in diffuser was greatly influenced by diffuser open angle, and speed increases near the inlet region of it.

3.1 Selection of Diffuser Shape

Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) had done smoke-wire analysis on two types of hollow-structure models, a nozzle and a diffuser. The experiments revealed that a diffuser-shaped structure can accelerate the wind at the entrance of the body. They examined the inner flow of two typical hollow structures, namely a nozzle-type model that reduces the inside cross section and a diffuser type model that expand the inside cross section downstream. The diffuser model has a remarkable effect on the collection and acceleration of the approaching wind. It has been found that the wind tends to avoid the nozzle type model, while the wind flows into the diffuser type model as it is inhaled.
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