Working while Attending College

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When students are working and attending school part-time the results can be good or bad depending on his or her life situation. Should you work or should you go to school? Doing both can be possible if you just work around your schedule and give yourself time to do your school work and attend your classes. American Association of Universal Professors states that “Students are increasingly likely to work while in college. Not only are students more likely to work, but they are more likely to work a full-time job.”
Working a limited number of hours may be hard for a few students. Some student’s take online classes, even though they may be working on school work outside of school is it still possible, because students will have time to complete work that needs to be done. Also talk to your manager to see if he or she could work around your schedule so that you can attend school and still be able to work. Even if he or she are not able to work that day they could ask their employer if there is a way for them to work remotely. Financial Aid states “The majority of students who work also receive financial aid to attend college.” Part-time jobs can help students pay for summer classes if needed. Working can help students reduce the amount that they have to borrow to pay for school.
Working in college teaches you time management skills. Students should build in flexibility for the time needed. Mind Tools states “Learning to manage your time with classes and work will help you to
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