Working with Parents or Carers and Colleagues in School

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University of Brighton School of Education SEND Pre-Course Task 4: Working with parents / carers and colleagues in school How to use these materials This unit is an introduction to a key area of your course and will help you in maintaining an environment where all learners are included. The tasks provide some of the key information on current policy, theory and practice that you will be required to engage with through your course of study and professional practice. Take a critical and evaluative attitude as you engage with each of these self-study tasks, annotating and keeping relevant notes which will later contribute towards your professional development profile. Bear in mind that the issues and strategies of inclusion are an…show more content…
Looked-after children and personal education plans If a child or young person is looked after by the local authority, a care order gives the local authority parental responsibility. Where a child is accommodated by a local authority, the day-to-day responsibility may be with foster parents, residential care workers or carers/guardians. If a pupil in your class with SEN and/or a disability is a looked-after child, they will need a personal education plan (PEP), even if they have an individual education plan (IEP) or a similar record of target-setting. The scope of a PEP is broad and covers life outside and inside the school. It should contain short-term targets, the pupil’s long-term plans and aspirations. Government documentation1 suggests that every child in public care needs a PEP as it: * provides access to services and support by detailing the provision to be made to support the achievement of targets in the plan * contributes to stability, minimising disruption and broken schooling by supporting all professionals in providing an integrated service * signals particular and special needs * establishes clear goals and acts as a record of progress and achievement. Social workers lead on the preparation of the plan, though coordination of the implementation is likely to fall to the designated senior person in school (usually a headteacher or deputy headteacher) who has oversight of all pupils in public
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