Working with and Leading People Essay

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Table of Content: Introduction 3 Background of the Company 3 Task 1. Recruitment, Selection and Retention Procedures 4 Task 2. Build winning teams 5 Task 3. Styles and Impact of leadership 9 Task 4. Performance monitoring and assessment 11 Conclusion and Recommendation 13 References and Bibliography 14 Introduction This report is theoretically informed by several related literatures that form a compelling interdisciplinary intersection: aspects of human resource management, business law and ethics, working with and leading people. The aim is to achieve certain understanding in recruitment and selection processes, legal and ethical issues, building successful teams, styles and impact of leadership, performance monitoring…show more content…
Sushi. The company as any other enterprise tries to ensure and makes every effort to ensure that its workforce is representative of the cultural and ethical. Especially the food they serve ‘Sushi’ is the Japanese traditional food. Yo!Sushi has several ways how they attract potential applicants. The main aim for HR people in the company is to give priority for internal applicants. For the first week and half the job position which arise in the company will be advertised internally. Recruiting potential applicants. Promotions within the company and career opportunities which is given to perspective employees has actually a positive effect on Yo! Sushi, which company HR managers think that it helps to build positive image and being responsible enterprise. Also it helps to improve company’s employee retention process. Workforce happy, will stay longer and give their best. Yo! Sushi is a young entity; however it is growing with fast pace owning more than fifty restaurants across the United Kingdom and several overseas. With growth and diversification there is always needed for external recruitment to provide new skills or increase the company’s capacity for expansion. In order to attract high quality candidates company closely works with number of organizations. Such as relationship with the Japanese company ‘Uniqlo’, presentations on the company, and attending career fairs. Also Yo! Sushi has its own Yo! School where students become professional Chefs. And if
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