Workplace Bullying : An Today 's Society

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Workplace Bullying: An Over-Reaction in Today’s Society Torrie Palmer Southeastern Oklahoma State University Abstract Workplace bullying is a hot button topic in today’s society. Bullying is a subjective term, but is most widely known as using one’s strength to intimidate, control, discourage, or just be plain mean to a weaker individual. There is a huge over-reaction to bullying in today’s society, and it is a manifestation of people in America being too sensitive and easily offended. The purpose of this paper is not to defend or condone bullying, but to explain how it is often exaggerated, taken out of context, and the result of having a victim mentality in the workplace. You Can Handle the Bully Yourself Bullying can escalate to violence, discrimination, threats, and threatening actions. These things are illegal, and employees are protected by law from these acts in the workplace. This paper is focused on bullying alone and not the escalating actions bullying can lead to. Bullying is harmful, unproductive, and not good for anybody, but it is a part of life that will never go away. Many people in today’s society will experience some form of bullying in the workplace. Not everyone you meet will be nice to you, like you, care about your feelings and self-esteem, or want you to succeed. Harsh, mean words can only affect you if you allow them to do so. Do not allow yourself to be put down by the negative comments of other
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