Workplace Bullying And Workplace Harassment Essay

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In today’s competitive world where every single person is trying to be better than his/her peers or subordinates, the instances of workplace aggression leading to workplace bullying and workplace harassment are very common. Work organizations are like any other social setting where scarce resources, competition, time constraints to complete goals, personality of individuals often leads to workplace bullying and workplace harassment. Bullying and harassment are situations where a worker or supervisor is systematically mistreated and victimized by fellow workers or supervisors through repeated negative acts like insulting remarks and ridicule, verbal abuse, offensive teasing, isolation and social exclusion, or the constant degrading of ones’s work and efforts (Einarsen, 1994). The literature has shown that employees who are victims of workplace bullying and harassment show more negative well-being (anxiety, depression, irritation, psychosomatic complaints) and tend to be neurotic and less agreeable, conscientious and extravert. Edelmann and Woodall (1997) found some initial effects of bullying include: a loss of confidence (reported by 44.2 per cent); physical ailments (38.4 per cent); and stress (37.2 per cent). Most long-term effects included physical or psychological ill-health (53.5 per cent), inability to cope (21.5 per cent), and low self-esteem (19.8 per cent). Furthermore a lot of research has gone into workplace bullying and harassment, their effects on…

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