Workplace Bullying Is A Phenomenon That Affects Many Organizations Essay

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Workplace bullying is a phenomenon that affects many organizations, especially among healthcare professionals. “Bullying of nurses has been identified as affecting patient outcomes, occupational stress, and staff turnover with fifty percent of those reported being bullied identified managers or directors as the bullies”(Etienne, 2014, p. 6). This paper will analyze data, information, knowledge, and wisdom continuum as it relates to workplace bullying in the healthcare environment. It will identify appropriate databases for obtaining information, useable knowledge, the role of informatics, and the progression from useful knowledge to applied wisdom.
Develop the concept/idea/issue you selected from your practice area into a relevant question.
Among nurses in the healthcare setting, how does administrative bullying affect morale in the workplace?

Describe the question you developed and then relate how you would work through the four steps of the data, information, knowledge, and wisdom continuum. Be specific.

The question was formulated using the PICO method and address the following elements:

• Patient, Population, or Problem (P): The population are the nurses working in a specialty unit of the hospital
• Intervention (I): The intervention (of interest) is workplace bullying of nurses by the administrative staff of the Special Care Nursery

• Comparison (C): The question compares the morale of nurses who do not experience administrative bullying within their unit
• Outcome
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