Workplace, Childcare And Early Childhood Education Essay

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Setting: Workplace, childcare and early childhood education

Some mothers may return to work early after giving birth for many reasons such as financial strains (Abdulwadud & Snow, 2012). Workplaces need to support women who return to work after breastfeeding to ensure they are able to maintain breastfeeding for the recommended duration (Abdulwadud & Snow, 2012).
A study by Galtry found that countries that have established initiatives for paid maternity/parental leave, have longer maternity/parental leave entitlements, have introduced breastfeeding breaks in all workplaces, and have developed policies that require employers to support breastfeeding, have higher exclusive breastfeeding rates than other countries (Galtry, 2003).
The Ministry of Health has established itself as a leader organisation of breastfeeding-friendly workplaces to encourage and promote other workplaces to support breastfeeding in the workplace (National Breastfeeding Advisory Committee of New Zealand, 2009). The Ministry of Health also works in partnership with the Department of Labour to encourage workplaces to implement a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace programme, especially in workplaces with a larger proportion of Maori and Pacific employees (National Breastfeeding Advisory Committee of New Zealand, 2009).
The long-term objectives of these policies and practices are to increase the proportion of mothers who continue to breastfeed after returning to work, especially among Maori and
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