Workplace Collaboration Research Paper

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Working together and working productively in an office space are two important features to help get the job done. Many new office spaces are designed to encourage employees to collaborate throughout the day, rather than keeping people separated inside individual office spaces. The definition of the term "collaboration" focuses on the action of multiple people working together to produce or create something.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this focus on collaboration in the workplace is having an effect on office design trends. This focus on collaboration may be particularly important for people in certain fields like software engineering, product development and architecture, where teams of people with varied skillsets come together to deliver a
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Incorporate open work space into your plan. Make sure your office enables free exchange and connecting with others by offering people access to open work space. Office spaces that promote maximum collaboration feature zones and areas that are open to expansion and inclusion. This includes having easy access to plenty of seating and table space for team members choosing to collaborate.

2. Forget assigned seating. A collaborative environment minimizes the need for individual desks and assigned seating. Everyone should feel free to discuss ideas and to solve problems collaboratively, despite the particular field or business area in which they choose to work.

3. Foster a spirit of collaboration. Creative and team-like environments thrive on communication and this can be face to face or remote. Just because some employees may be located offsite does not mean that collaboration needs to break down. In fact some of the most productive and collaborative teams work with nearshore team members each and every day. New technologies like Skype make regularly ongoing communication and collaboration easy and affordable.

Some employees may have a personal preference for working in a single space, free from distraction. However, collaborative office spaces really encourage placing at least two people in every space, so that work is done as a
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