Workplace Conflict Between An Employee And Multiple Layers Of Management

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One thing you can count on in corporate amerce is workplace conflict. I’ve recently been involved in workplace conflict between an employee and multiple layers of management. Unfortunately, I was one of those layers of management so I have a detailed description of all efforts and attempts to resolve the conflict. In this critical thinking, we’re going to examine the conflict, the attempts at resolution, and what we could have done differently to help the situation.
When AT&T purchased Cricket, it was determined that all employees were going to be required to live in Atlanta. Some people were recruited to move and take new positions in the company while others were told that they would have a year to find a job within AT&T or they would be cut. In this situation, an employee was offered to move to Atlanta from Dallas. AT&T paid for his relocation and he had a year to relocate. After six months, the employee became upset believing that he had been promised a promotion for moving by our boss. Our boss had stated that no such promise was made. From there, our boss moved this employee under my management. From there, I had to deal with the disgruntled employee and me workplace conflict that arose, including many meetings with human resources and many meetings with all levels of management to both manage and resolved this conflict.
Culture of Conflict
Big Business Culture As I evaluate the culture clash here, and looking at this through the lens of my…
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