Workplace Conflicts And Conflict Management Styles

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Workplace Conflicts and Conflict Management Styles
Greg Jefia
MBA 5213
Dr. Edwards
December 12, 2014


Conflicts in the workplace and interpersonal relationship are inevitable. Organizational conflict is common in the workplace because people always have divergent views on various issues, interests, ideologies, goals, and aspirations (Deutsch, 1990). Conflict exists in all kinds of environments because people compete for power, jobs, resources, security and recognition. People who seek power therefore, struggle with others for position or status within the group (Henry, 2009).
As Landau, stated, “Conflict exists in all human relationships: it always has and probably will” (Landau 2001). The traditional view of conflict as something harmful has changed to a common perceptions where conflict is seen as a way of organizational life. Conflicts beyond usual tensions may arise when there is misunderstanding, complications or people with different cultural orientations are interacting. These misunderstandings occurs as result of differing needs, conflict management styles, assumptions and expectations and stress related issues within the workplace environment. (Leung & Tjosvold, 1998; Ting-Toomey, 1988). In many cases, an effective conflict resolution can lead to personal and organizational growth.
Purpose of Study
The goal of this research paper is to identify the role of conflicts in a workplace environment, how we can handle conflicts and adopting the best
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