Workplace Diversity : The Visible Or Invisible Differences Among Employees Of An Organization

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Workforce Diversity defines the visible or invisible differences among employees of an organization and could be divided in to three major components such as Primary, Secondary and Organizational and Community. Factors such as Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation,
Ethnicity represents Primary while Appearance, Educational Background, Marital Status,
Work experience represents Secondary and Job position, Specialization, Nationality, Life stage represents Organizational and Community. In recent years, organizations spend more in diversity management as most of the organizations consist with employees from different backgrounds. Further, diversity in an organization is a significant factor that may affect the performance of an organization positively or negatively. For example, it can create innovation, empowerment, information sharing, and productivity when well managed and can cause discrimination, power play, miscommunication and control when managed poorly. This essay summarizes five articles including a base article that will link workplace diversity to organizational performance and then will compare the agreements and disagreements of the articles. Prieto, Phipps and Osiri’s (2009) has investigated a previous research of how workplace diversity influences on organizational performance and has outlined the potential benefits and problems of diversity. The main objective of the authors is to provide a conceptual framework that would allow practitioners and scholars to design
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