Workplace Diversity Training Report

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Abstract Diversity is a common occurrence in every workplace setting in current business environment mainly due to globalization. There are many challenges when it comes to maintaining diversity in the workplace and one of them is inclusion. As an HR, I have received complaints about lack of inclusion in my company. This paper will be written as a guide to the supervisors on how to maintain inclusion in the workplace. This paper will include plan for the types of exercises, role-playing, or activities that will maintain participant interest and enhance inclusion in the workplace. This paper will utilize both social learning theory and adult learning theory to prepare various types of plan to tackle the problem of discrimination and exclusion of certain employees from diverse backgrounds.
What is Diversity Training? Diversity training is a special program that helps an organization to
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Mark Knowles who is main contributor to adult learning theory clearly states various assumptions associated adult’s learning such as adults need to know why they are learning, need to be self-directed, learning from experiences, problem centered approach to learning, and motivation by both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators (Noe, 2013). As a supervisor you can use this theory to encourage inclusion in the workplace. One assumption states that “adults enter a learning experience with a problem-centered approach to learning” (Knowles, 1990). You can divide the workforce into small teams and give them task related to ‘how to solve the problem of discrimination and in the workplace and how to restore inclusion?’ and ask them to prepare a detailed report about the same. This activity will encourage the employees to create ideas on how to solve the problem and will also allow them to learn behaviors that are appropriate for
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