Workplace Drug Use And Workplace

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We find drugs everywhere. In our homes, schools, and even work places. Workplace drug use/abuse has become a very large issue in our society. Charles Faupel, Greg Weaver, and Jay Corzine go into depth about work place violence in The Economics Correlates of Drug Use (2010). They break it up into three sections: the nature and prevalence of drug and alcohol use, working conditions, and response to drug use in the work place. Faupel et al. state, “…In 2010, 66 percent of those who currently used illicit drugs were employed full or part time” (286). This data supports the fact that people that use and abuse drugs are not always on the street or unemployed. Faupel et al. go on to say that drug use is very prevalent in the work place and can cause the employer and employees unneeded problems. Faupel et al. find an interesting link between drug/alcohol use and workplace size. It turns out that as the number of employee’s increases, fewer employees report that they are using. They also found that drug use is higher in certain workplaces such as construction and food services. The last relationship they explained was that there are no specific characteristics that are linked to drug use, but there are a few that can predict it. The response to use in the workplace has changed overtime. Drug use used to be ignored. Most companies now have mandatory drug testing and assistance programs for their employees (290). Faupel et al. state that even though most jobs require drug testing,
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