Workplace Equality In The Workplace

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The Human Resources Department’s job is never over. There will always be new laws to learn, information to account for, avenues to approach day-to-day workplace issues and maintaining equality in all its entirety for employees within an organization. Workplace equality can be somewhat difficult to develop and maintain due to our ever-changing society, definition of being equal, open-mindedness and ability to accept things regardless of one’s personal feelings and opinion. For HR Managers to actively pursue a safe, positive and accepting organizational culture that stemming from inclusion, there needs to be written, approved and enforceable policies and procedures in place for all employees, management, etc. to follow. Human Resource Managers need to constantly refer to HR laws and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s notices and guidelines for creation of new rules, regulations and penalties regarding equality within the workplace. As the Human Resource Manager of HRM-6603XTIB-17T2 Co. the Chief Executive Officer brought to my attention Andrea, a recently hired female assembly line employee was witnessed entering and using the men’s bathroom facility during her allotted lunch break. Although there weren’t many coworkers that noticed it was shocking and obvious enough to make to the CEO and Human Resources Department aware of the situation. After looking through Andrea’s personnel records it was obvious she noted her gender as female on her application for
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