Workplace Equality In The Workplace

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On How to Increase Workplace Equality
Senators: I call to you in this country’s hour of need. Many Americans are barely getting by – they are being paid substandard wages and many single-parent families are well below the poverty line with no way to escape. In Alabama, a woman goes to work early in the morning, toils all day for ungrateful customers, and she doesn't return home until late at night, ready to collapse from exhaustion. She has three young children, and she cannot afford childcare – let alone new shoes. Her children wear their shoes until they fall apart on their feet. They live in a shoebox apartment on the bad side of town, which is all that their mother can afford. She works as much as she can every day, even on weekends, just to cover rent. Lucky for her children, last January she applied for welfare, so that her oldest son – 12 years old – can buy food for his family with his 4 and 6-year-old siblings on the way home from school. Their situation is not safe, and unfortunately, situations like this exist all across the United States. Waiters and waitresses are paid less than their managers who sit in cushioned chairs in back offices, barking out orders. Raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, erasing the loophole that excludes tipped workers, and putting in place laws to keep the minimum wage paced with inflation will cause drastic decreases in workplace inequality.
Welfare creates a caste system of separation between minimum wage employees and their

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