Workplace Ethical Delemma

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Workplace Ethical Dilemma Betty Porter BSHS 342 October 17, 2011 Tanisha Laidler Workplace Ethical Dilemma A student goes to college and takes an Ethics course. He or she comes out of the class thinking that he or she will never compromise their ethics for any job. The thought is usually that they will come out and change the world. Then reality strikes once he or she begins looking for a job. Jobs are scare these days, and he or she ends of compromising himself or herself to keep the job they thought they could change the world with. Then when facing a dilemma at work, which he or she never thought he or she would ever have to make, suddenly a test of their ethics happens. According to Hanson (2010), “ethical dilemmas and choices…show more content…
A teenager who has a gun will feel driven to use the weapon whenever they can, (, 2011). When explaining this fact to the mother, she does not seem to fear him. I suggested to her that it may not be a safe situation for her, and she must think of her own safety as well as Joe’s safety. If Joe is not around the home with the gun, he cannot hurt anyone with it. I suggested the woman at the very least go home first and search the house herself. She would not do as I suggest. Personally, I feared for the lives of three people in the home. I would not want an illegal weapon in my home and certainly would not want it in the possession of a teenager. This ultimately would make the mother responsible for any crimes committed from an ethical standpoint because she is aware that there may be a gun. Solving the dilemma For this particular problem, I had to let the client go home. The mother insisted that she was not scared of her son and wanted to take him home. I tried everything I could to convince her to let me place the boy somewhere else, but to no avail. I called my supervisor, and she agreed that there was nothing more I could do to keep her from taking Joe home. I asked the police to please patrol the area that night and I asked the physician what he thought of the client’s mental state. Although I did a little screening on the client myself, and did not believe he was experiencing any mental health issues. The only

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