Workplace Ethical Dilemma Paper

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Workplace Ethical Dilemma Paper
BSHS / 322
Marcia Winter

We've all heard the golden rules:
In today’s society it is hard to find a good paying job. When one finds a good paying job, that person needs to do whatever he or she can do to keep that job. Ethics can be a problem in a workplace if someone is asked to do something that they do not feel is right. “Ethics are about making choices that may not always feel good or seem like they benefit you but are the "right" choices to make” (Curry, 2011; para 2). In the following, I will discuss a workplace ethical dilemma that I have witnessed in my current employment. I will discuss the essential points of the dilemma and how this dilemma intersects with my personal values.
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I kept thinking that my boss was joking with me and was waiting for me to respond in the correct way. I felt like she was looking to see what I would do. I did not talk about it for a couple of days after she talked with me about it. I thought long and hard as to what I was going to do. I did not want to lose my job over this but I really did not want to tell on my coworkers. I did not even know them yet. I kept thinking that I could not work with people I did not trust. I knew that if someone was to spy on me, that I would never be able to trust them. I did not want to break that trust. When my boss approached me a second time, I knew what my answer was going to be. I told my boss that I did not feel comfortable spying on my coworkers. I was waiting for her to tell me that I did have a choice….it is either your job or spy on your coworkers. She surprised me when she told me that she understood my position and respected my decision. I stood their flabbergasted because I did not know what to say.

Personal Values Personally, this decision to not do what my boss told me tore at me. I have always been taught to listen to authority. My boss would be my authority. However, I was also told to treat others the same way I would like to be treated. I cannot stand it when people talk about me behind my back. I am a person who confronts problems head on. If someone has a problem with the
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