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Workplace Ethics: Unprofessional Conduct BUS 309 Business Ethics Professor: Keith Graves August 23, 2013 Today, there seems to a big misconception of what professionalism means in and out the workplace. Many people go to work just to earn a living and that is fine however, when you hold a position of stature or prestige there are certain elements you must value to the profession as a teacher. “Professional teacher” refers to the status of a person who is paid to teach. They are supposed to represent the best in the profession (Tichenor, J & M., 2005)”. Teachers are theoretically able to analyze the needs of the students for whom they are responsible. The word “professionalism” does not mean to just wear a suit and tie, or…show more content…
“Teachers are considered role models and with that being said should recognize that their conduct both on and off the job, can profoundly impact their professional image (Connecticut’s Teacher Education And Mentoring Program, 2012)”. Indulging in unethical behavior such as that should never have happen no matter what profession you are in. Pettit knew it to be an immoral act among society especially in the educational field. People consider marriage to scared and monogamous between two people with no outside interference or contact. Monogamous merely means no one is allowed to come in participate in any sexual activities other than your spouse and if so they are committing an affair, which is frowned upon also. But having multiple sexual partners while in a committed relationship is unorthodox and unethical. Pettit and her attorney believed that her outside views were not brought into the classroom and did not mirror in her job. And as a result, there was not any professionalism transpiring on the job. Granted, there is no evidence that establishes Mrs. Pettit to be unfit to teach because of her unconventional views. Her track record of being a remarkable educator is exceptional however she simply ignored the rules and regulations the State of California set as guidelines for their teachers. Like any other organization, the government establishes rules and policies they feel is the up most important for their employees to adhere to. So,
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