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Assignment 2: Workplace Ethics Danielle Davis Professor Kenneth A. Pino BUS 309: Business Ethics Abstract Regardless of your occupation, employees have the right to privacy. Case 9.1: Unprofessional Conduct shows how Pettit privacy was violated. Pettit was a teacher of many years and never had a bad evaluation of her work. What she did outside of work was labeled unprofessional by the Board of Education and they chose to fire her because they believed she was unfit to teach. I disagree with them completely and they did violate her privacy. Business Ethics is defined as “the study of what constitutes right and wrong (or good and bad) human conduct in a business context” (Shaw, 2014, p. 4). Based off this definition, I believed…show more content…
I wouldn’t want people spying on me outside of my workplace. We should be able to live our lives without people being in our business. Pettit was just doing what she like outside of work and it was not affecting her job. In my opinion, Pettit’s behavior was not unprofessional nor immoral and I don’t believe she was unfit to teach. Pettit’s professionalism should be regarding her character at or dealing with work not in her personal life. Pettit had no problem performing her job. She was an experienced teacher who haven’t had any negative evaluations. Pettit acting unprofessional was never an issue while she was a teacher. People may call her unprofessional if they saw her taking part in her sexual activities outside or work but that had nothing to do with her character at work. She kept her personal life private and away from her career. The Board of Education chose to break into her personal life to spy on her. She did nothing wrong and I believe she was professional if regarding to her work life. I choose not to judge people so I cannot say that Pettit was immoral. Who are we to say if she was doing the wrong of right thing? Her sexual preference is her own business and she kept it private. The Board of Education had no clear evidence of Pettit’s professionalism and no evidence to prove that she was unfit to teach. If teachers have

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