Workplace Fitness Center : Impacts Of Employee Wellness On Employers

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Creating an Onsite Fitness Center: The Impacts of Employee Wellness on Employers The most valuable asset to any company are the employees. For a business to thrive, they must be committed to acquiring and retaining the best talent. Nonetheless, regardless of how gifted, people leading unhealthy lifestyles can ultimately become a burden to the company. In recent years, wellness has become a popular topic in the workplace as employers are observing how the health of their associates can directly impact the company’s bottom line (Baicker, Cutler, and Zirui 1). In response to the information available on the implications of wellness, employers are exploring the numerous ways to confront the issue, whether it be educating associates and providing health related resources, or more direct options like offering gym membership compensation or creating an onsite fitness center. For the intentions of this paper, the topic of a workplace fitness center will be explored to help employers better understand its costs and benefits. This paper will address how associate wellness affects the workplace by discussing (1) the negative impacts health problems may have on a company, (2) the advantages realized by a company whose associates lead healthy lifestyles, and (3) the expenses and rewards of installing an onsite workout facility.

Financial Implications of Associate Health A person’s wellness can extend beyond personal implications, as it influences the productive output of the…
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