Workplace Harassment In The Workplace

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Workplace harassment is best defined as hostile demands or intimidation that can cause employees to suddenly detach from others, decrease work quality, and result in psychological and physical destruction (Walsh, 2013). According to the text, abolishing harassment is one of the most pressing legal concerns challenging employers today (Walsh, 2013). Furthermore, in order for a workplace harassment to be deemed as so, both parties involved have to be employed by the same employer (Gidro & Gidro, 2016). Needless to say, harassment is another form of inequality. In this case scenario, the plaintiff – Varner, was a seventeen-year-old floral employee at National Super Market (Walsh, 2013). One of her co-workers was Robert Edmiston, a fifty-one-year-old, who worked in the produce department. In the spring of 1991, Edmiston started making sexual advancements, graphic sexual comments, and showing pornography to her (Walsh, 2013). At first, none of the sexual harassment was physical, until July or August of 1991. Allegedly, Edmiston approached her from behind, reached his arms beneath Varner’s arm, and began to squeeze her breast (Walsh, 2013). Fortunately, she was able to free herself from him and ran. Varner did not report the incident to anyone, finished her shift, and went home. When she got home, she called her fiancé – Chris Pilch, who also worked at National. Pilch immediately called Curtis Mason, the store manager, and informed him of the incident involving
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