Workplace Health And Wellness Programs Essay

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“Employers also want healthy employees in order to avoid absences, enhance productivity, and improve morale,” (Mujtaba, 2013, p.193). Mujtaba et. al (2013) examined corporate wellness programs specifically within the American workplace. Texas and Florida are the two states with the highest percentage of individuals under the age of 65 without health insurance because the cost is too high. As a result, many employers are implementing workplace health and wellness programs in hopes to lower the costs of their health care plans. An average cost Mujtaba et. al (2013) has found for operating a workplace health and wellness programs per participant range from $50.00 - $150.00 annually. Although, studies have shown if the employee participates in the health and wellness programs, the cost for health insurance plans decrease anywhere from $100.00 - $500.00. Another aspect discovered was “these workers tend to be more productive, have fewer rates of absenteeism, and use less of their health insurance resources,” (Mujtaba et al., 2013, p.193). Due to the implementation of workplace health and wellness programs avast, there are strengths and weaknesses for each unique programs generated. Although, it is apparent the cost per health insurance plan per employee has effectively been lowered after participation in the programs, employees have led healthier lifestyles, and Mujtaba et. al (2013) has discovered the increase in employee productivity as well. Kumar and Prevost (2009)
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