Workplace Is A Comprehensive Issue Is Not Only Affects A Person 's Dignity Essay

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Workplace bullying is a comprehensive issue which not only affects a person’s dignity, but also causes psychological and emotional problems (Park, Cho & Hong, 2015). The results of horizontal violence will be job dissatisfaction, physical and psychological stress. The recipient’s of HV will be having sleeping difficulties, low self-confidence and low enthusiasm, feeling isolated from other staff, show depression and utilize lots of sick leave (Longo & Sherman, 2007). On a study conducted on several new graduate nurses, bullying and HV are referred to as power games, ‘bitchiness’ and hierarchy which has been connected to the concept “eating their young” (Kelly & Ahern, 2009). They further stated that this destroyed the new graduates’ view of nursing as a noble profession. The experienced nurses often select the new graduates for bullying, because they are the juniors within the institutional hierarchy (Rush, Adamack, Gordon & Janke, 2014).
Shannon & French (2005) identified some lived realities of nurses like increased workload, overtime and excess absenteeism throughout the years. Some researchers cited that there is a strong relationship with burnout, stress, decreased workplace productivity and retention to the term ‘horizontal violence’ (Berry, Gillespie, Gates & Schafer, 2012). Horizontal violence is a world-wide issue that determines nurses’ well-being and institutional structure. Its consequences are increasing absenteeism and emotional detachment, intent to
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