Workplace Lactation Essay

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This woman needs about 75 grams of protein every day.
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1. What are the general principles behind establishing a workplace lactation program? If there is going to be accommodations at work to establish a workplace lactation program it needs to convenient for the women. It also needs to be private, have an electrical outlet and a chair. In addition, you might want to provide: magazines, paper towels, mirrors and a clock. I think it’s important to establish a workplace lactation program because according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, employed women are less likely to breastfeed for a shorter length of time than women who aren’t employed. There are numerous studies showing how children who
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African Americans were more susceptible to the effects of sleep deprivation. African American men gained 3.7 pounds compared to African American females and white men who gained 2.2 pounds. These testees were affected by sleep deprivation after 5 consecutive nights and as a result they ate more fatty foods. Currently I have a pretty unchanging sleep pattern because of school. Since I am an athlete I make sure I get enough sleep to repair my body. However, sometimes if I have a lot of homework or it’s a weekend I tend to stay up later. As a result, for the next few nights I can’t fall asleep until that same I stayed up. When I do have to stay up late studying or am with friends out late, I notice that is when I am the hungriest and constantly eat snacks. For example, when I came back from Australia my sleep pattern was messed up for weeks. Luckily this was in the summer, but I couldn’t fall until 4 am and would wake up at 2 pm everyday. As a result I didn’t know what I should eat at 2pm because it was way past breakfast time and lunch time so I would eat snacks throughout the entire day/night. I found that during these few weeks I didn’t want to workout because it was already so hot outside by 2pm and so I just stayed in the AC all
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